Eleven Months!

photo 1-8-19, 12 30 11 amIt’s hard to believe it’s been 11 months! But yes, that’s how long we’ve been here in Mendoza. The Lord has been faithful and we have been developing good relationships and planting lots of seeds.

In the time since our last letter, we started the Viña Rock Café two Sundays a month in a local bar. It started out great and we had quite a few non-believers coming, but as the weeks went on, the attendance started to drop. Still we had some great nights, great music from local bands, and the Gospel was preached. Typically, the months of January and February are vacation time here and the city pretty much looks like a ghost town. So, we have decided to pause it and start up again in March.

As far as our regular Viña Wednesday meeting, it has been small but good. Usually 6 to 10 people, but it would be more if they all came at once. We worship, and study the gospel of John and pray for each other, followed by a meal. Everyone seems to feel comfortable and they are open about sharing. We have had some powerful times of ministry as well.

Mark is still reaching out to musicians and spending late nights in conversations. We are still reaching out to our neighbors and to others the Lord brings across our path. We are getting ready to start a conversational English class as an excuse to get people into our home. At this point we are really wanting to hear from God about in what ways we can reach more people.

It would seem that there is still a spiritual blockade going on, because so many people seem eager to hear more about God, but then they never show up, or start avoiding us. We think this is also symbolized by our car, which is STILL in Customs with no firm date in sight to get it out.

So we ask you to please pray for a release in every arena – spiritual and natural. Please pray also that we could get commitment from those that have been coming to our meetings, so we can begin to build a core group. And please, last but not least, pray with us for the people of Argentina because the economy is in shambles and there is an atmosphere of despair everywhere.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to travel to the US in February to see out kids and grandson. We look forward to seeing many of you in the Nashville area as well!

God bless you, and thank you for your prayers!

Mark and Karina