Week 20 in Mendoza – We finally start our first meetings!

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Hello friends,

It’s been a long time coming, and we have really been looking forward to this day, but we finally had our first “official” meeting last Friday, and will switch to regular weekly meetings on Tuesdays starting next week! A while back were contacted by a friend called Roxana who used to attend a Vineyard church in Chile but last year moved back to Mendoza. She offered her home for us to meet where she lives with her mother and 3 children aged 4 to 12. She has only been a believer for 2 years.

Long story short, a week ago we met with her and basically just spent time praying, because she was going through a  really tough time, and the Lord really did some amazing things. Afterwards we talked about possibly starting weekly meetings at her house which she gladly said yes to. Below you can see Roxana with her mom Gladys. Her children would pop in and out of the meeting as well. She has been inviting her neighbors and other relatives, and we see where she could potentially be a “Lydia” and reach her entire neighborhood.

Photo 6-15-18, 10 58 14 PM

Roxana’s home is in a suburb about a 15 minute drive from our house, so we’re still planning to start meeting here in the near future. One thing we’re praying about is that our living and dining rooms are not heated and it’s starting to get really cold (down to freezing some nights). Gas and electricity are expensive here, so we’re asking the Lord to give us wisdom (and money) to know what to install. (We have no central heat, which is normal here, and winter is just beginning.)

Anyway, you may be wondering about the picture at the top. A few weeks ago we ran across this street, “La Viña”, which is only a block long and about a mile from our house. I’m sure it’s significant in some way.

In other news, our grandson Chael is now 2 months old but looks like he’s 4 or 5 months old! He and Lisa and Sam, her husband, are doing well.

Photo 6-9-18, 11 38 14 AM

Another cool thing is that I finally got to play in a worship band last week, after 4 months! It’s a church where they have hardly any musicians, and pretty close to here, so I offered to help them if they need me. Their Sunday meeting is in the evenings, which is good because we have been visiting other churches in the mornings jus to get to know the pastors and other believers in the city.   It’s in a very poor neighborhood and their main ministry is giving food and clothes to children in need, and through that to reach the parents. I’m playing there again this Sunday.

Photo 6-10-18, 11 39 35 PM

As far as prayer requests, we were able to get a few translating jobs recently which was great! It’s amazing to think that it’s June already and financially we’re still doing OK. But now that we’ve been in the house a few months the bills are starting to come in. Karina sent a resumé to a contact at one of the local universities, to see if she can get a teaching job there. I also had an offer at a music school to teach audio classes starting in July. We’re still working that one out, but it seems promising. But in other news our car is still stuck in Customs, believe it or not. It’s been almost 3 months now and we’re paying storage by the day! We need God to do a miracle and work in the Customs people’s hearts to release it. We have done all we can.

So please keep us in your prayers. We invited our next door neighbors Oscar and Marta to dinner next week and Oscar mentioned he was given a Bible once that was printed in Tennessee but he has never read it! Our list of people we’re praying for is growing longer, and longer.

Finally, this was  a sad week for Argentina because the House of Representatives passed a law approving abortion (which was illegal) and now it’s going to the Senate. It passed by only 4 votes too. We were really hoping and praying Argentina would break the norm, but I guess not. I even found out today they have a Planned Parenthood affiliate here who spent a lot of money (probably some of it your tax dollars) to get the law passed.

BTW, if you for some reason feel the desire to support us financially, please contact me by email at markyoungmusic@gmail.com
I’ll be glad to show you how you can do that!

We also have a domain name, but no web site up yet. (Although we did set up a Facebook page, now that were “live”- facebook.com/iglesiavinamendoza)

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Blessings to all of you faithful readers,

Mark and Karina

Author: Mark Young

Mark and Karina Young are moving to Mendoza, Argentina in January of 2018 to plant a Vineyard church.

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