Catching Up…Miracles and Other Happenings

File May 03, 11 26 07 PM

Hello friends,

I apologize for the long time between posts. (Almost a month!) But it’s certainly been an eventful time.

But first the miracle. Our stuff had arrived in Mendoza, as I wrote in my last post but it ended up sitting in Customs for a week. The two guys highest up in the totem pole were absolutely not going to clear our container. We’re pretty sure they were waiting for a bribe. But since the freight forwarder we used is a believer and absolutely refuses to bribe anyone, we decided to pray that the Lord would just change their hearts. And the Lord did just that! The following week they were friendly, helpful and signed our papers to release the container. They still had to open it and pull a bunch of stuff out for a cursory inspection, but nobody tried to create problems, and, as you see in the photo above, Wednesday April 18 the container finally arrived at our house! (Two months and 4 days after it had left Franklin.)

File May 03, 11 16 43 PMThis is our furniture all over the Customs dock

I then spent the following week arranging it the best I could and unpacking the necessary items, in anticipation of Karina getting back. I hadn’t seen most of it since early January!

File May 03, 11 40 22 PM               Having coffee with the Argentina Partnership

The following Wednesday I traveled to Buenos Aires to meet up with US pastors from the Argentina Partnership: Ray Duran, John Aureli and his intern Julio Regla. It was great to see them and so encouraging. They have been extremely supportive of our venture into Argentina, and besides that they are really great guys. Then Karina finally arrived Friday and my joy was complete! Six weeks apart is a long time!

File May 03, 11 38 29 PM                          Teaching at the Viña La Ferrere ordination service

Anyway, last year at this time there were no Vineyard churches in Argentina. As of this week there are three! That same Friday we ordained pastor Cristian Mansilla and his wife Mabel from the city of La Ferrere in Buenos Aires province, then Saturday we traveled to the province of Entre Rios and ordained pastor Ezequiel Ferreira and his wife Gisela. It was an awesome time getting to meet them and their churches in person. We did a lot of teaching and ministry and it was a great blessing for them and for us.

          File May 03, 11 35 58 PM                     The pastors from the 3 Viña churches in Argentina (Missing Gisela Ferreyra)

I believe 2018 is a big year for the Gospel in Argentina and I am excited for the part the Vineyard gets to play. Now in Mendoza we need to get started! Up until now we’ve just been getting settled in and organized, and we still have plenty of that to do but we have the rest of our lives to do it.

Please pray the Lord will give us wisdom and discernment on how to begin reaching out to people. Please also pray for a couple or a few people that can come alongside us and be partners in helping get this thing off the ground. Also for work opportunities for Karina and myself.

Thank you all for your prayers and support! God bless you.