The Amazing House Story

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Here I am, sitting in an empty house, waiting for our furniture to arrive. No refrigerator, no stove, sleeping on an air mattress on the floor. It’s been 6 days now, since the Lord provided this house for us, and it’s such a cool story I really needed to share it. So here goes…

Selling our house in Franklin was way more difficult than anyone expected and we ended up accepting an offer that was quite a bit less than we were hoping for. Which meant that here in Argentina we had less options than we would have had otherwise. But this house was the third one we looked at and when I tell you the story you’ll see that it was nothing short of miraculous!

The day we looked at the house, the realtor said there was another party attempting to buy it and their only hindrance was that their bank financing wasn’t coming through. He said if we offered cash the owner would take it. But although we loved the house, we didn’t want to make a rushed decision, and there were also a few other houses we wanted to see. The following day we were going to Cordoba for a week to visit our families, so we prayed and said to the Lord that if this was the house for us we trusted Him to save it for us.

One reason this house was a perfect option is that due to all the paperwork, closing on a house in Argentina usually takes 45 days or more. In this case most of the preliminary paperwork had already been done for this other buyer so it meant we could close in less that 30 days, which also meant we would have a place to put our furniture when it arrived!

The other reason was that so far all the other houses we had seen were a bit outside our price range and the seller would have had to come down quite a bit or we couldn’t do it. But this house was large, had a yard, and was the closest of all of them to the downtown area, besides being right in our price range.



This is my fridge

So a week later we got back from Cordoba and the next day the realtor calls us and says the other party is coming to the house at 6:30 that evening to sign a contract because they received their financing, but that if we still wanted it we should make our offer first. Karina and I both felt bad for these other people, so we made the decision that if the Lord wanted us to have the house the owner would have to take the initiative, and that we would not force our way into the situation and steal it away from these other people.

Now if you have a hard time believing this next part, I understand, but that afternoon the owner was watching TV with his wife and was flipping channels when all of a sudden a guy on the TV said the word “Tennessee”. He turned to his wife and said “We need to sell the house to the people from Tennessee!And that is exactly what happened!

We have a big God!

One more story to show this really was from God, and one that regretfully I didn’t remember until afterwards: The day we first went to see the house we had the address wrong and thought it was 2 houses further down the street. But as we walked past this house I felt a voice inside me say – “this is the house”. It was like my heart sort of jumped. But as we continued to walk past I looked at it and said to myself “no way, this house is way too nice” so I dismissed it. You see, the Lord was telling me something, and if I had paid attention, it would have saved us days of heartache.

I know this is a long post, but let me tell you about the house. First it is an answer to prayer in that it is perfect for large groups of people – huge kitchen, dining room, and a living room that can easily fit 30 to 35 people, and the layout is open, so you could realistically fit more than 50! Second, it has 2 guest rooms for the many guests we are expecting, plus an office area for each of us, and 3 bathrooms. Third, like I said before, it’s very close to downtown, and in fact only 10 blocks (less than a mile) from the central plaza that is the heart of the city! (It’s also 11 blocks from a famous street filled with pubs where all the students hang out.)

And one last thing. There are 9 towers (nine!) just like this one being built literally 2 blocks up the street from where we live, which means there will be 4 to 5 thousand people waiting to be reached right in our neighborhood!


So, like I said, it is a miracle, and I’m actually living in the house, although there is quite a bit of fixing and cosmetic work that needs to be done (the whole house needs to be painted). But at least we have a place to live now and can tackle one job at a time. And I’m thankful for my sister and brother-in-law who are coming tomorrow to stay for several days and help fix a bunch of stuff.

Please pray for Lisa, out daughter, who is having her baby any day now. Pray also for no issues with Customs when our stuff arrives in 2 weeks. (Karina is in the US for the baby arrival and everything is in her name.) Also next month we are having a meeting with pastors from the US partnership and people from 3 other potential Vineyards here in Argentina. It will be great to meet face to face.

Anyway, let me leave you with this: We have an amazing God!


Expect Delays

Expect Delays 2

Hello dear friends,

I guess the story of this move has been a lesson in “Hurry up and wait”. Starting with the delay in selling our Franklin house (more than two months longer than expected), to the delay in leaving for Mendoza (3 weeks later than expected), to the shipping of our household items (almost 2 months later than expected), well, you get the picture.

And here we are 4 1/2 weeks in Mendoza now, and still in “waiting mode”. And in the meantime we feel like any ministry has been placed on hold until we are “settled”, or at least until we have a place to call home. (Instead of living out of our suitcases as we have been since mid-January!) Still our list of people we are praying for is growing, and in fact one guy told me once we started up our meeting he’d like to come and check it out!

But what can I say? we know the Lord’s timing is always better than ours. And we have been trying to learn patience and perseverance and the Lord has been continually good to us. In fact, when we get to our lowest, or most anxious moments, He will drop a little bit of grace into our laps, to remind us He’s still carrying us in his hand. This has happened over and over again in the time we have been here.

So where do things stand? We should finally be closing on our new house this coming Friday (a week later than expected) and we can probably move in Friday or Saturday, although we won’t have any furniture or anything. We are praying that this will actually happen. In the meantime we had to move out of our apartment but are staying temporarily with some friends. Karina is leaving for the US next Tuesday for the baby’s arrival. (I’m going to be a grandfather, wow!) She’ll be gone for 6 weeks,  but I finally got an Argentine temporary document with which I should be able to drive and at least open a bank account in the meantime. Meanwhile I’m trying to apply for permanent residency, but I can’t get a hearing until April.


So our stuff is finally on the ocean, on the MSC Maureen (above) scheduled to arrive at the end of the month which is a huge relief! That was one of the final loose ends that is now resolved. The last major loose end is that I had some translation work I bid for but the people never got back to me, so please pray for work for me (and for Karina too) in these upcoming months.

Well, I apologize for the long post. We are doing fine and in good health, enjoying the summer weather down here. Trusting in the Lord to keep smoothing the way one detail at a time. (And I have only shared a few of the issues we face!)

Lots of love to all of you, we appreciate the prayers!