Tomorrow we go!


So here we are, our last full day in Nashville. It seems really strange because it hasn’t really sunk in. If actually feels like any other trip – except that this time there’s no return! We leave tomorrow at 4:35pm from Nashville, to Toronto, to Santiago, and arrive in Mendoza at 5:10 pm Wednesday. (I know, that’s a long trip, but they were the most affordable tickets we could find.)

It was rough being in the last church service at the Vineyard and La Viña and saying goodbye to our dear friends. (Karina did’t go – she was at home still packing and sorting.) We had to say goodbye to our bird, Billy, on Saturday, and to Karina’s car (also called Billy) on Sunday.

As far as everything else, the house hasn’t sold yet, but we did get an offer that, while a bit low,  we are willing to work with and see if we can reach an agreement. Our container still hasn’t come, and it looks like tomorrow it won’t either, at this point. So we are leaving our friends Doug and Nancy in charge of getting it loaded up whenever it does come. And are also thankful for our many other friends who have offered to help.

So our next update will be either from the airport of from Mendoza. We appreciate your prayers. If God is teaching us to trust in Him, then we are doing our best in the midst of our circumstances. After all, Abraham waited 25 years for the fulfillment of God’s promise to him, so I think we can wait a few weeks!


Author: Mark Young

Mark and Karina Young are moving to Mendoza, Argentina in January of 2018 to plant a Vineyard church.

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