Tomorrow we go!


So here we are, our last full day in Nashville. It seems really strange because it hasn’t really sunk in. If actually feels like any other trip – except that this time there’s no return! We leave tomorrow at 4:35pm from Nashville, to Toronto, to Santiago, and arrive in Mendoza at 5:10 pm Wednesday. (I know, that’s a long trip, but they were the most affordable tickets we could find.)

It was rough being in the last church service at the Vineyard and La Viña and saying goodbye to our dear friends. (Karina did’t go – she was at home still packing and sorting.) We had to say goodbye to our bird, Billy, on Saturday, and to Karina’s car (also called Billy) on Sunday.

As far as everything else, the house hasn’t sold yet, but we did get an offer that, while a bit low,  we are willing to work with and see if we can reach an agreement. Our container still hasn’t come, and it looks like tomorrow it won’t either, at this point. So we are leaving our friends Doug and Nancy in charge of getting it loaded up whenever it does come. And are also thankful for our many other friends who have offered to help.

So our next update will be either from the airport of from Mendoza. We appreciate your prayers. If God is teaching us to trust in Him, then we are doing our best in the midst of our circumstances. After all, Abraham waited 25 years for the fulfillment of God’s promise to him, so I think we can wait a few weeks!


Today we bought our tickets!


Yes, even though our house still hasn’t sold (and it’s been almost two months!), the news for today is we went ahead and purchased tickets to fly out of BNA on Tuesday Jan 30 at 4:35 pm. It was a very good fare – too good to pass up. 

In the meantime, we are thanking the Lord because last night I was all ready to click the “Purchase” button on tickets for next Wednesday, the 24th, but I just felt uneasy about it, which now I know was the Holy Spirit’s warning. So this morning I called my pastor, Jon, and he suggested we wait one more week to travel. 
You see, our plan all along has been to ship our stuff out on the 18th, to be the ship that sails the 25th from Charleston. Well then later today I get a call from our freight forwarder to say there may not be space available on that ship, which means we may not be able to load until the 25th – the day AFTER we would have flown out of here with our non-refundable tickets! So yes, thank you Lord!
It still may ship out this Thursday, and if anyone is available to come over and help us load, please let me know. Or in all probability it will be a week from Thursday, but I’ll keep you all posted. And since we’ll be here anyway, it gives us more time to pack, as well as to sell stuff we’re not taking.
Anyway we are trusting in God in the midst of this “hurry up and wait” season, and He has been showing us his goodness, not just in things like what happened today, but people have been extremely generous to us in their support, and we are blown away by this outpouring of love.
Anyway, we are Going to Mendoza, come what may!
Until later

We get sent off

Vineyard Sendoff

Well today we officially got prayed for and sent off by our sending church, Vineyard Franklin, along with a host of friends, new and old. They threw a great party for us, with amazing food and live jazz courtesy of my good buds David Ives, Kevin Kirkpatrick and Davin McLaird. (This last part was a total surprise!) Around 120 people came to say good-bye.

There were prophetic words spoken over us, and a lot of words of appreciation, and even gifts. What a great night! With both of us now being “oficially unemployed” the generosity of some of our friends over these last several weeks has moved us to tears. God is showing us his amazing love though our brothers and sisters. (as well as confirming this calling over and over again.)

In the meantime, our house hasn’t sold so we’re not going anywhere just yet. We pushed our shipping date out one more week, to the 18th. (It has to be on a Thursday because the ship leaves every Thursday. ) So if anyone can come by and help us load that morning, that would be great! (We don’t have an actual time yet, but they said early in the morning.) But we are NOT moving the date any further out.

Meanwhile we are spending our days packing, sorting through what to take and what not to take. It’s amazing how much junk we have accumulated in the last 30 years. We left Seattle for Boston back in 1987 with only what would fit in our car and now here we’re filling up a 40 ft container. Here’s what a 40 foot container looks like:

40 ft cont

8ft x 8ft x 40 ft.

So please keep us in your prayers. The house needs to sell, and soon!

Mark and Karina