House is for sale – no buyer yet

House for saleHello friends and supporters,

Asking for your prayers. We were always told houses in the Nashville market were selling in a couple of days, then the holiday season hit, and everything slowed down to a trickle. Needless to say, the house has been on the market 10 days now, and we have had no interest whatsoever. I know God’s got this, and that we only need one buyer, not a dozen, but please agree with us in prayer that the house will be sold, and soon. The whole timeline of the move depends on the house selling first. (At least in our plans, which we’re OK with changing if needed.)

But it’s still hard not to to feel at least a bit anxious, so your prayers are appreciated. We are also looking for a few partners to help support us financially for the first year. Please pray that God raises up the right people.



D-Day Minus 2 Months

Fall2Mendoza in the fall, Central Plaza

Hello dear friends and supporters,

We are now officially two months from THE MOVE. How time has flown!

I spent the day today painting doors. We hired out some of the painting for the hallways, kitchen and bathroom, got the roof fixed, the porch railing fixed, and are on track to put the house on the market Monday. Karina spent the day cleaning up the rooms that were left a mess after the yard sale last weekend.

I had a great conference call today with two of the Argentina Partnership pastors, Ray Duran and John Aurelli, plus 3 guys from Argentina who are interested in the Vineyard. Besides our plant, we will have 2 other Vineyard churches starting up next year in Argentina (where currently there are none)! One is being birthed out of what used to be the only Vineyard there and that closed a year ago. They are in Buenos Aires, and the new pastor, Cristian Mansilla, is already meeting with 5 other couples in his home. The other pastor, Ezequiel Ferreira is in Entre Rios province and he already has an established church, but is a huge fan of the Vineyard and wants his church to be one. (In fact they are already calling themselves “La Viña”.)

The tragic side of this was there would have been another church starting in the southern province of Rio Negro, but the brother who was going to be the pastor  died last week after complications from a surgery! His name was Marco and his wife, Sandra, is left alone. He was only in his 40’s and they had no kids. They had come from a Vineyard in Chile and had started a home group with the intent of becoming a Vineyard church. I didn’t know them personally but we had a lot of conversations recently over Facebook and by phone.

Please pray for Argentina. God is going to be doing great things next year!

Also please pray that our house sells quickly (although we really can’t move out until early January) and for a good price.