October Update


Hello dear friends and supporters. This has been a crazy, busy time and we are less than 3 months from D-Day!

This post is for those of you who have asked how you can pray for us. We have made the decision to try to leave for Mendoza by January 15. This is for a few reasons. One is that we had been praying for a place to live when we landed there as we will need to be looking for a house to buy, and it would seem God has provided a two-month rental unit for the months of January and February!

Another reason is that at that point both of us will have completed our obligations to our “regular day jobs” and so it sort of makes sense financially. A third reason is really symbolic, but it will be a year almost to the day when Mark received the word from the Lord leading us to move to Mendoza. At the time we felt it would take us a year to get ready.

Our realtor has suggested to put the house on the market in November, for an early January closing date. And so these days we have had roofers, carpenters and painters, each of them a blessing and an answer to prayer coming to help us with repairs and improvements. A few weeks ago we also had a yard sale to sell many things we won’t need anymore. Unfortunately the second day we got rained out, so we’ll do this again one more time this coming Friday and Saturday (Nov 3 & 4). We have a LOT of things that need to find new owners!

These two things (house and belongings), among others have caused a great deal of stress, so we ask if you would:

1) Please pray for the peace of God to rule in our hearts and to be able to trust Him through all the millions of details.

2) We need to find an honest shipping company that won’t charge us an exorbitant price. So far we have had quotes from two, but had to send them back to be reworked. Please pray we will find the right company.

3) Please pray that the house will sell for what it needs to, and that it will go smoothly.

4) We need wisdom on what things to take and what things to leave. Did I mention that we still have a LOT of stuff?

5) At some point we need to make a trip to Atlanta to the Consulate to get our paperwork done for the move. Please pray that it goes smoothly.

6) I’m going to keep this short, but there could be a lot more things to add. So I’ll just finish with the main one and that is that God would show us strategically where we need to live, and that He will be preparing the hearts of the future followers of Jesus that we will encounter.

Thank you for signing up for this blog. The next post (which will be soon) will be about how this whole adventure began. In the meantime, may God bless you richly! We thank you for your prayers.

Mark and Karina